Company History and Vision

There never was a “Mr. Scot.” Scot Industries was founded by two brothers, Tom and Harvey Wilmeth, in 1949. After nearly a decade of tough times, the company found a niche after it entered the honing business in 1958. Tom began to redesign and rebuild the existing honing tools and machinery to obtain higher quality, increased reliability, and lower costs. Since then, the company has continued to evolve, though its commitment to delivering higher quality at lower cost remains a central component of Scot’s corporate culture. Tom Wilmeth is still active. Harvey passed away in 2007. Steven Wilmeth, Tom’s son, has managed the company with continuous expansion and increased capability for the last thirty years. Scot Industries develops, designs, and builds most of its processes, tooling and machinery. The Scot materials laboratory works with customers to develop materials that enhance capabilities and drive efficiency. In short, Scot is, and has always been, determined to fulfill today’s needs while investing in the future demands of the marketplace with innovation, quality, service, and competitive prices. Today, “Mr. SCOT” embodies many dedicated employees at Scot plants across North America.


1949 — Scot Industries was founded in Milwaukee, Wisconsin by two brothers: Thomas Wilmeth – Electrical Engineer; Harvey Wilmeth – Chemical Engineer

1958 — Scot entered the honing business.

1959 — Scot began redesigning machines and tools to increase quality and reduce costs.

1972 — Chrome-plating.
Scot began chrome-plating the inside of tubing. All equipment was designed and built by Scot.

1984 — Scot metallurgical laboratory was opened at the Scot plant in Lone Star, TX. This facility has testing, failure analysis, and research efforts going on continuously to identify problems and develop improved materials.

1992 — Scot introduced St52.3 DOM tubing after two years of study/development/testing.

1999 — Scot introduced SW85 chrome bars.

2000 — Scot began production in a new “state-of-the-art” Scot designed and built chrome-plated bar plant.

2007 — Scot has 10 plants nationwide combining to produce high quality products at the lowest cost.

Today — Scot is planning and building for the future.


Scot Industries is the quality and technological leader in I. D. finishing and I. D. chrome-plating, long O.D. centerless grinding, and long O.D. plating. Scot engineering, combined with “state-of-the-art” manufacturing, produces high quality products at the lowest cost.

The Scot products are manufactured and distributed at Scot state-of-the-art locations nationwide.

The Future

Scot has reinvested heavily in new plants, equipment, tooling, and inventory to assure our continued industry leadership. The Scot investment, combined with Scot developed technology, will extend our future leadership position in I. D. finished tubing and chrome-plated tubes and bar.